Services & Events

Regular Sunday Services – Everyone Welcome!

  • 1st Sunday Holy Communion at 9.30am  followed by Coffee & biscuits
  • 2nd Sunday Matins at 11.00am
  • 3rd Sunday Holy Communion at 11.00am
  • 4th Sunday Evensong at 6.00pm


Sunday afternoon music in a Country Church

Sunday, 15th April at 3.00pm

Through the good offices of Charles Hazlewood we have been put in touch with the Brewery Band. The aim of this group, which includes two violinists, sackbut, theorbo, gamba and recorders, is to bring classical music to as wide an audience as possible by breaking some of the long-established rules about how it is enjoyed live.

They inhabit the ground where traditional and classical music meet ranging from the medieval period to the 18th century and occasionally beyond using their flexible line-up.   The group plays entirely from memory, speaks a little about the music and are ‘happy for people to applaud, dance, stamp their feet  or whatever as they feel so moved’.

Tickets cost £10 to include tea and children under 16 go free.